CameraBag (Symbian)

Edit and apply effects to your photos


  • Lots of filters
  • Filters can be added multiple times


  • None

Very good

CameraBag is an easy to use photo editing tool on Symbian.

After taking your pictures, CameraBag allows you to add photo filters, changing the look and feel of your standard images. A mobile version of the desktop program, the app has many of the same features.

Using CameraBag is simple. Just select an image from your photo library and select one of the many filters. The effect of the filter is applied immediately so you can see the changes. CameraBag also allows you to apply filters multiple times, changing the look of images even further. There are a lot of possibilities when using CameraBag.

CameraBag is a great quick photo editor for Symbian.



CameraBag (Symbian)

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